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What is Imusic 24/7

Welcome to IMUSIC 24/7.We broadcast to the world from the U.S. Our mission is to provide a vehicle to showcase the work of unsigned artists, emerging artists, bands and songwriters. We know there are thousands of talented musicians, singers and songwriters who’s music is ignored by mainstream broadcasters. These artists are not overlooked because their material is not good, but because it’s not being pushed by recognized record labels. Imusic 24/7 fills this niche. It gives genuine music fans a place that will allow them to hear original music and judge it for themselves. It also provides a place for self-promoted artists to get their music played. The power of the internet helps to ensure that this great music can be heard worldwide.

Break the normal music model and join a movement that is sure to revolutionize the entertainment industry. IMUSIC 24/7 is here. The music industry is constantly changing. IMUSIC 24/7 is the outlet for Independent Artists in this ever-changing industry. IMUSIC 24/7 is the future of the entertainment industry, providing adigital music haven for any independent recording artist. IMUSIC 24/7 uses cutting edge technology to host mp3s and videos, online radio play, music chart review, provides entertainment promotional items, and more for all music genres. It brings together major labels and talented artists by giving music executives the necessary tools to view the popularity and success of emerging artists. Whether your music is Rap, R&B, Country, Rock or Reggae, IMUSIC 24/7 is here to support artists and to help them achieve their dream.


We have developed a system to get you recognized from your cover songs. Once a fan hears and likes your sound, you will introduce your original songs. This carefully identified process will help listeners become familiar with you and your music. They listen , they follow , they buy.A one-stop music platform that allows fans to discover new, upcoming music. Great talent will be discovered from around the world.

Promote your music and get
new fans

Unsigned and independent hits you
never heard

Earn money from your music with our system.

You will also receive unique insights into how your music is rated by listeners.

Our Platform Connects Unsigned Artists With new Fans.


Our goal is to become the #1 Billboard Charts for unsigned artist and the top radio network in the world. If you want to hear the best unsigned artists in the world , you are the right place with Imusic 24/7

1. Upload Music & Target the Right Listeners

Start by uploading Popular Cover songs remake or remix of Popular songs of artists you know. If you have a Video you can load that. Once you have that music or video you can up load original songs. Choose the popular artists' music that is most similar to your own and than upload the music or video.

Why do we make artist start with covers songs? We have developed a system to get you noticed from your cover songs. Once the fans hear and likes your sound you can introduce your original songs. This will help the listeners become your fan, follow you and buy your Original songs.

2. Get played on Internet radio and collect fans

Your music plays to listeners in stations featuring the popular cover song artist that's been chosen.
These listeners are the most likely to become your fans.

3. Get reports and data on your new fan base

Receive detailed reports on your new fan base, a great resource for getting to know your audience and sell for Original songs.

4. Make Money with downloads & Royalties

Every download sell of your music allows you to keep 75% of your money. When your music goes organic you will make money off of each Original song spin on Imusic 24/7.

5. Radio Airplay artists get constantly updated reports on their fan base

We will tell you when your music plays and to whom the target audience is. You will also receive unique insights into how your music is rated by listeners.

Which songs have the most hit potential? Are you more popular on the East or West Coast? In Europe or Asia?

Answer those questions and more with Imusic Radio Airplay.

6. Listener Targeting

Play your music to the people who will like it most. Pick popular artists and genres that fit your style.

Imusic Radio Airplay will keep you spinning to listeners who are already fans of similar artists. You can also choose premium targeting. Premium targeting allows you to focus plays on a more specific demographic.

Target by artist, genre, location and more!

7. iMusic 24/7 Airplay Express Plays

Imusic 24/7 play credits will get your original music played to Millions of listeners from all over the world who like your style - every week If you want to reach a larger number of listeners, you can always upgrade to Airplay Express. Packages start at just $10.

  • $10 for 250 Plays
  • $20 for 500 Plays
  • $30 for 1000 Plays
  • $50 for 1500 Plays(Popular choice)
  • $100 for 4000 Plays
  • $200 for 9000 Plays
  • $500 for 23000 Plays
  • $1000 for 50000 Plays

Imusic 24/7 Recording Download Sales of Certification

  • Media
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Single
  • 25,000
  • 50,000
  • 100,000
  • 1,000,000

Imusic 24/7 will keep track of your download sales. We will reward you with a Music Plaque show that you're an Imusic 24/7 Platinum Artist. Below are stats on how you can get your certifications.

8. iMusic24/7 Ranking System How will the music get ranked?

Chart rankings are based on:

  • How many Sales you make off your downloads
  • How many Organic spins you get on Imusic Airplay
  • The fans will vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down based on whether they like your music or not.

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